Welcome to our website
NRG International is a privately owned business with offices in the UK, Europe,
USA & Asia.  Our main business is intellectual property protection using our
Verowatch™ & BravoEye™ programmes, combatting counterfeiters, fraudsters,
Parallel Importers/Grey Market sellers who profit from illegal activity.

We are the only agency working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
Our clients range from Global Brand companies and Global Charities, TV &
Film, Authors, Photographers, Magicians, Authors, Pharmaceutical, Celebrities,
Hair Care manufacturers, Inventors etc, we are the only monitoring agent that
goes out of our way to help small business users who may not be able to
afford, nor find it is financially viable to employ an Intellectual Property
Lawyer or other Monitoring agent who refuse to help small businesses.
If you find your products or brand is being targeted, be it design rights,
trademarks, patents, licencing rights, etc, then we can help!  We remove
infringements over many websites such as Amazon, eBay, iOffer, YouTube, Ali
+ dozens more, and we are very succesful with the far eastern counterfeiters.
John Donahoe, CEO of eBay continues to allow
illegal prescription drugs on the EU and USA eBay
platforms. We're working with the Police &
Trading Standards!
Free advice to all FSB members, members of the
Trading Standards Institute and Chartered
Institute of Environmental Health
The BravoEye programme is now accepting new
clients, contact us for further information or an
informal chat.
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